Brisdesign is an Architectural services firm providing multidisciplinary services, predominantly in the role of design, documentation & project management. Our experience covers residential, industrial and commercial projects of varying scale.


The extent of services available to the client is broad enough to meet most hurdles and pitfalls encountered by the home owner or developer in realising their goals. Our skills have mainly been utilised in and around Brisbane and the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, however we have been involved in projects in New South Wales and Central and North Queensland on occasion.

Brisdesign Pty Ltd


Why Brisdesign has so many happy customers:

  • We are always on time
  • You will have your ideas heard
  • We consider budget
  • We offer a unique and efficient service
  • We are a friendly and trustworthy team
  • Our product is of good quality
  • We have extensive knowledge
  • A well-educated and astute team gives you peace of mind
  • Brisdesign is a supporter of the Mater Children’s hospital


Minor projects


Our minor works portfolio includes hundreds of decks and carports and minor extensions such as adding a bedroom or removing internal walls. We also offer full structural services in this area so we have you ready for Building Approval in one go, no need to go looking for engineers!


Major projects


Our Residential projects over the years have involved Small lot Housing, Character Precinct homes, large lot semi-rural homesteads and major renovations including raising & building under Queenslander houses.


Unit Developments


Our experience with Units and townhouses in recent years have been for developments all the way up to 120-150 dwellings, however our current specialty relates to small scale projects of 3-10 units / townhouses over 1000-5000 sqm sites.




Have some land that can be subdivided? Brisdesign has been involved in partnership with land owners to Project Manage the subdivision, and also have funding options available for land owners that need financial support to make the project happen. Ask us how and profit from your land!

Brisdesign Pty Ltd








We Are Creative & Professional

Residential experts


Brisdesign offers the flexibility in services to cater for any project, dependant on the needs of the client.

We listen


Our philosophy is to provide a solution to the clients’ problems tailored to suit their particularrequirements. We listen!

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"We have a responsibility to keep staff happy in our office refits, as well as keep to our budget for the work. Brisdesign helped us come in 7% under budget for our last refit, and their prompt turnaround when we had changes to be made was very impressive."

Steve Maxwell

Facilities Manager - Corporate Property Brisbane

Ergon Energy

"Brisdesign provides exceptionally high-level customer service with outstanding creative design concepts with a unique versatility covering all styles and client requests. Meticulous Decorating has worked with Brisdesign for many years and highly recommends their quality, down to earth, professional design and planning services everyone, including our own friends and family. The service Brisdesign offers, not only meet our clients' expectations, but exceeds them, beyond their dreams and within their budget!"

Melanie Rawson

Director of Meticulous Decorating

“I was so impressed with the work I have recommended his services to others who have had work undertaken. His creative side is superlative and the practical side is without fault - I never expected to hear an architect say "it would be better and cheaper this way"

T Sampson, Toowoomba

"I found brisdesign's services to be fantastic in managing my renovation and cutting through council red tape"

Mark, East ipswich



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