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Why Brisdesign has so many happy customers:

  • We are always on time
  • You will have your ideas heard
  • We consider budget
  • We offer a unique, efficient service
  • We are a friendly and trustworthy team
  • Our product is of good quality
  • We have extensive knowledge
  • A well-educated and astute team gives you peace of mind
  • Brisbane Design Service is a supporter of the Mater Children’s hospital

services overview


Residential Design

Brisdesign’s experience covers all types of residential projects. Our minor works portfolio includes hundreds of completed Decks, Carports, Garages and Minor extensions such as adding an extra bedroom or living space to the house. In these case we also provide most of the Structural information required as part of the approval set of plans.

Our range of housing solutions in past projects have involved Small lot Housing, Character Precinct homes, large lot semi-rural homesteads and Major renovations including building in under Queenslander houses.


Unit Developments

Over recent years we have been involved in some exciting and challenging unit developments in South East Queensland and even in New South Wales. New planning regulations from the Brisbane Council area are resulting in opportunities for small scale unit development, where previously none existed.

Many more professions are involved in unit developments than a typical house requires. Brisdesign takes on the role of Project Manager under our service banner, co-ordinating and overseeing the work of surveyors, engineers such as structural, civil, electrical and mechanical through the documentation stage, to ensure the final plan package contains all relevant and accurate information necessary to provide to a builder for pricing.


Industrial Projects

Brisdesign has provided services for warehouse and factory extensions as far away as Emerald in Central north Queensland. We have found these types of projects to be very rewarding, in some cases just by the sheer size of the building that is produced!

There is often the same level of consultants input required as for commercial and unit developments, and as a result Brisdesign takes on a lead role in the co-ordination of documents for approval in this instance as well.


Commercial Projects

Brisdesign has provided services over the years for a variety of retail and office projects, ranging from large office refits containing workstations and meeting rooms etc, to smaller food outlets such as café’s and restaurants. A common theme among clients in this industry has been providing plans and specifications in a short time-frame, as time-is-money for business owners trying to get their new place of business up and running. Past clients include Ergon Energy and Rio Tinto Australia.

Quite often these projects require co-ordination of professional consultants to meet the regulations set by government authorities in obtaining approval for such works. Brisdesign includes this service in our scope for all projects of this nature.


Contract Administration

This category of service can apply to any of the projects listed above, however is more important in more complicated projects such as multi-unit developments and large office refits. This is due to the need to be available to verify design intentions of a project, clarify construction documents or material finishes, and work in with the builder to resolve issues as they are discovered during the course of construction.

Contract administration also demands the constant monitoring of payment claims by the builder, and claims for variations where changes are made, as well as the timely delivery of quality workmanship by the builder and sub-contracting parties. It is no secret that when projects are not co-ordinated efficiently by the builder and the Architect/project manager, the client is the one who suffers by either paying more, or loss of profits from opening for business later than first anticipated.